Athletics Data

This table lists the data used for determining the Athletics ranking of the schools. Some data, such as NCAA Championships, is further broken down on a per student basis to compensate for smaller schools (such as Kenyon). It is worth noting the outstanding Athletics performances of otherwise little thought of schools (in this area) such as Kenyon College, Abilene Christian University, Florida Southern, St. Augustine's and North Dakota State (among others). The categories are :

IC The number of intercollegiate sports programs

IM The number of intramural sports programs

BA The number of bowl appearances by the football team

BW The number of football bowl wins

FBC The number of national championships won by the football team (post 1930)

BBC The number of NCAA basketball championships won

F4 The number of Final Four appearances by the basketball team

NCAA The number of overall NCAA championships (all sports) won

School (Reset Sort) IC
Carleton College4716000001
Massachusetts Institute of Technology4244000000
Harvard University4132110009
Princeton University38700000122
Rice University3727740001
Brown University3730100003
Ohio State University3795371851820
Cornell University3654110005
Dartmouth College3450000023
Yale University34460000027
Stanford University347420900185
University of Pennsylvania3322100014
Tufts University3316000000
Bates College3116000000
Williams College31340000013
Wesleyan University2932000000
Penn State University2929382420129
Columbia University29261100013
U.S. Naval Academy29331260005
New York University28270000212
Bowdoin College2823000000
Middlebury College28330000018
Georgetown University2742200131
University of Maryland273020811116
Boston College274117110002
U.S. Air Force Academy27251780000
Amherst College2712000004
Bucknell University2739110001
Temple University2624210023
Boston University2646000004
Johns Hopkins University2640000007
University of Notre Dame2644271390111
University of North Carolina26752512041329
University of California262816701222
Vassar College2536000000
Michigan State University254417722418
University of Michigan2550371831531
University of Wisconsin242817901220
University of Minnesota233211560112
Duke University23408303116
Washington and Lee University2322000001
University of Virginia233616700213
University of Kentucky23441050768
Swarthmore College2218000000
Haverford College226000000
Indiana University22548305321
University of Iowa2258211100322
University of California (UCLA)224027131111690
University of Illinois224414600517
Villanova University22275201216
Oberlin College2220000000
Brigham Young University21662471008
University of Alabama213353308004
College of New Jersey21180000035
University of Nebraska21110432250012
Arizona State University2170221200016
University of Washington213829141013
Macalaster College2140000001
Texas A&M University214728131002
Davidson College2131000001
Northwestern University2140610001
Brandeis University2024000002
Purdue University20531370022
University of Oklahoma2084382470416
Pomona College2026000000
University of South Carolina20581230001
Grinnell College2022000000
North Central College19240000018
Iowa State University19869200114
University of Georgia1955412210118
Florida State University195434192014
University of Southern California1949442880280
Case Western Reserve University1960000000
University of Chicago1936000001
Methodist College19110000016
University of Texas1890452240236
Trinity University1837000003
University of Tennessee1844452420012
California Institute of Technology1829000000
University of Cincinnati1864730242
Washington University in St. Louis18610000012
University of Missouri185223101002
University of Miami184230175005
Kenyon College18180000046
University of Mississippi187031190000
University of Arizona185313501313
University of Oregon183119701013
University of Florida1821331511315
University of Arkansas1896341101539
University of Kansas18401040299
Louisiana State University1835371810438
Carnegie Mellon University1738000000
Georgia Institute of Technology174034221020
San Diego State University1714510001
Wheaton College174000002
North Dakota State University16110000017
Oklahoma State University1694161002444
Emory University1640000003
Wake Forest University1636640015
Tulane University16601040001
University of Colorado1526271210217
Florida Southern College15120000025
Adams State College15100000012
Mount Holyoke College1515000000
Vanderbilt University1589310000
Lincoln University1540000016
Smith College1412000000
Gonzaga University1424000001
DePaul University1320000010
Wellesley College134000000
Abilene Christian University13540000053
Bryn Mawr College114000000
Sarah Lawrence College1118000000
Illinois Institute of Technology1012000000
Reed College108000000
Tuskegee University1013000000
St. Augustine's College970000025
St. John's College (Md)838000000
Hollins University73000000
Cooper Union724000000
College of the Atlantic28000000
New School University00000000
Rhode Island School of Design014000000
Juilliard School00000000
Culinary Institute of America09000000